by These Are Atoms

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released July 4, 2016

All songs written and performed by Jamie Leipert.

Cover photograph by Graham Patterson.



all rights reserved


These Are Atoms Galway, Ireland

hello am de these are atoms man. I am atoms, you are atoms, everyone is atoms

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Track Name: The Narcissist's Depression
When you're feeling down on yourself,
and you want to kill yourself, just REMEMBER
that people love you and they don't mean the bad things they said.
And it's not that they don't care, they just don't understand.
Track Name: The Hit (Of A Narcissist)
I want people to look at me with eyes that tell me that they love me.
Fame, fortune, recognition, respect, decadence, death.
I am #1!!!
First it was Gotye, then it was Lorde, and the it was Hozier!!!
Next year it will be me.
Track Name: a hog wit a knife
There is something to be said for about the way that people hide fear.
You know that it's not right to expect them to understand.
You say that it's easy to leave it all behind.
Track Name: Magnesium
Our time has been cut short by internal, externals and extra-internals.
I'm losing my grip, I'm letting it slip through my fingers.
And you might say that there was never even a chance in the first place,
but I always had hope that one day things would fall into place.
Track Name: Death Always Finds A Way
Death always finds a way, whether you're straight or gay, black or white, man or woman.
Track Name: R'N'R'
I am an animal.
I love Jesus, he brings me home.
I love Jesus, I get all I need.
I love Jesus, he brings me hope.
I love Jesus, bring me home.
Track Name: The Thought Process
There's a discrepancy in the way I think, that I'm not worth it.
Time for me to let go of all this emotional luggage.
Stand clear, luggage doors operating.
Track Name: The Narcissist's Redemption
I wish I could discard my own body, and transplant into someone new.
To take the easy way out is all I ever wanted to do.
BUT BAEBAE doncha know? I do it all for you! Lovely lovely you.
I don't want to die.
I wish I could shake this horrible feeling that maybe I'm not depressed,
and maybe I'm just an arsehole.
Track Name: The Narcissist's Suicide
I've never wanted to kill myself, but I've wanted to disappear.
The ultimate act of narcissism.
Have every trace of my existence removed.
Have every memory of me wiped so no one would miss me.
The ultimate act of narcissism.
I don't want to die, I just want to disappear.