Screaming At The Styrofoam Fish Of Existence EP

by These Are Atoms

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released May 14, 2013

All instrumentation performed by Jamie Leipert.

All songs written by Jamie Leipert except "Pablo's Tail: Chapter 2" written by Chris Wieland, Kieran O'Sullivan & Jamie Leipert.



all rights reserved


These Are Atoms Galway, Ireland

hello am de these are atoms man. I am atoms, you are atoms, everyone is atoms

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Track Name: Banananananananananananananana
Nothing you can say will make me feel better now.
Nothing in the world will make me feel like life is worth living anymore.
Track Name: Stinky Cock Mouth Strikes Again
How can I cope when this wonderful dream turns into a nightmare?
How can I cope when there's so many voices in my head and I don't know which one to listen to?
I keep asking myself "Where do I fit into all of this?"
Because everyday I just feel like I get in the way.
Everyone is so much better than me.
What am I meant to be?
Is this my life?
How am I meant to learn to love again, when the only thing I've loved is gone?
Track Name: Is This A Commercial Song?
You led me astray with those distant eyes,
then you proceeded to cut my balls off.
Two thumbs up mean yes and two thumbs down mean no,
but you always give me one of each...
The questions you ask me are exactly the same as the questions I ask myself, what are we?
Now I have to find another place where I can act like a complete disgrace.
But I've got nobody to blame, except for myself...
Track Name: Pablo's Tail: Chapter 2
I'll try to leave.
I'll try to let you go.
I'll make sure this story stays untold.
Is what you've done any better better than what he did to you?
It goes on and on and on and on…
Has Pablo already gone?
The marks on his skin sing a song.
About a boy who'll never win and he's about to commit a sin.
Has Pablo already died?
As the world plunges into night.
Has Pablo already died?
He didn't even try to fight.
Responsibilities get lost.
You're getting suspicious of getting double-crossed.
Some things just won't ever change.
It goes on and on and on and on…
P is for being perfect.
A is for always being there.
B is for making me believe that there was so much more.
L is for the love you gave me.
O is for over.
Track Name: Unnecessarily Long And Nonsensical Song Title
I've been walking through a sea of dead people drowned by my tears.
I was so selfish, and now they're gone.
And I haven't changed.
I've been blaming other people for my problems.
I was so selfish, and now they're gone.
And I'm still the same.