These Are Atoms III (Older Version)

by These Are Atoms

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A concept album documenting a man's journey through Acanthamoeba Keratitis, a rare disease where the cornea is eaten by amoebae. The story is seen from the perspective of the mice which he shares his hospital bedroom with. Little does the man know, these mice are in fact the members of the greatest mouse band in history, The Squeaks.


released February 19, 2015

All instrumentation performed by Jamie Leipert.

All songs written by Jamie Leipert except "Everyone Takes Shits" written by Jamie Leipert and Niamh Cooney.



all rights reserved


These Are Atoms Galway, Ireland

hello am de these are atoms man. I am atoms, you are atoms, everyone is atoms

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Track Name: Cornea
We'll do it by the ocean,
We'll do it by the sea,
We'll start this fiery notion,
And bring it back to me.
Track Name: Transplant
I remember when I was little, a charity came on tv.
It had small children having their eyes eaten out by severe infections.
And this sent me into hysterics, but my mam told me it would never happen to me.
But it did.
You're gonna lose your eye, yes, you're going to lose your eye.
Transplant the old, take out the new.
Transplant the new, take out the old.
Track Name: Ulcer
There's a man on her back, and he's going to attack,
aaaalllll daaaaayyy loooooong.
And the children in his hand, are a part of his plans,
alaaaalll yeeaaarrr looooooong.
I see the rest of her life when I look at him, and I know it's for the best.
Cuz I'm just a turd walking amongst diamonds,
and the fact I'm putting this into a song is very risky.
Motherfucker doesn't even know what he's got.
Track Name: Eye
Here, I am. Bathed in white light.
Looking for an excuse.
Talking about it is counterproductive,
and frowning about it is unattractive.
Cuz I know you've had enough of the way I moan, and whine, and cry.
I cry.
Here, I am. Up to the neck in sand.
There, you are. Old and far.
Stop living vicariously through other people,
Start living for yourself.
Track Name: Zoe
Little baby Zoe, don't you cry.
You're uncle Jamie is scared too.
There's something eating at his eye.
And he thinks it might make him die.
And he's about to reach his end.
He has alienated all his friends.
He's coming to an end.
Track Name: Blind
I have no more excuses for the way I feel.
Being rich won't make you happy.
Being famous won't make you happy.
Having two functioning eyes won't make you happy.
Being healthy won't make you happy.
Being unhealthy won't make you happy.
Getting Tinder Matches won't make you happy.
Finding a significant other won't make you happy.
Collecting all 721 Pokémon won't make you happy.
Getting a 1st Class Honours Degree won't make you happy.
Finding the cure for cancer won't make you happy.
Buying a very nice guitar won't make you happy.
Being able to drive won't make you happy.
Being able to play piano won't make you happy.
Writing songs won't make you happy.
Track Name: Everyone Takes Shits
Who's gonna take you down?
When you're up, so very high?
There's nobody taking you down.
And now you're up. So very high.
Don't put people on pedestals,
Everyone takes shits.
Who's gonna take you down?
When you're up, so very high?
There's nobody left around.
And so you're up. So very high.
Track Name: You
It's happening again, the sickly feeling in my stomach.
There is only you.
I don't think I can go through this again.
Track Name: And Now I'm A Mouse
I was wrong, so wrong.
And now, I'm a mouse.